Monday, 17 September 2012



There was once a continent called Saga, it was split asunder by two country. The two main transgressors is the country of Naori and Pointpike. Other small states try to stay on the good side of both countries as much as they can. 

Pointpike was known for it's mining industry while Naori was famed for it's technology and myticism.
But a sudden murder of a spiker (people of pointpike) shattered the peace between the two countries and slowly begin the start of a war.
This is where our story takes place, a prisoner Hara and a child Huru with her pet Hina is in an quest to stop a war


this is HURUXHARA PROJEKT by Parallel Works for IPCC interactive comic.
this project is made for fund/grant from MDEC.
we realllllyyy hope that we will get the grant and we have decided to continue HURUXHARA project eventhough if we failed to get it. this project is pretty unique i think bcoz this if crossover comic between me (jackman: i use jackman for my nickname for this comic thehehe..ossem huh) and baron..

wish us luck!!

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